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Training Programs

Barton Community College offers several specialized training programs, many of which are available on the Barton Fort Riley Campus. See below for the training programs available on the Barton Fort Riley Campus.

Emergency Management & Homeland Security

This program is designed to provide training and formal education for those entering the emergency management field as well as those currently in the field who require additional training and education. A large percentage of these professionals serve as part time emergency managers with their full-time position being law enforcement (city, county or state), emergency medical services, or of these professionals lack formal education and training in this field. A student may receive credit for work experience, military experience, military schools and civilian education. Credits are awarded based on the American Council on Education ACE Guide. Learn more about the Emergency Management & Homeland Security Program.

Emergency Medical Services

The Emergency Medical Services Program offers coursework at all levels of pre-hospital emergency care. The program is designed to provide the necessary training to prepare you for the National Registry Exam for all levels of certification in the State of Kansas. The program is also designed to meet not only the required continuing education requirements but also a variety of offerings intended to keep you current in the areas of patient care, equipment, techniques, and technology. The program is structured around the current National Highway Traffic Safety Council curriculum and is nationally recognized. Learn more about the Emergency Medical Services Program.

OSHA Training Programs

Barton Community College is now an OSHA Education Center and a member of the Midwest OSHA Education Centers Consortium, MOEC. We not only offer OSHA numbered courses but provide high-quality professional safety and occupational health training tailored to your organization’s needs . Our courses will provide you with the knowledge to meet the high demands of working in the safety profession. Classes also provide workers the knowledge to make informed safe decisions in the work place. Whether your business is construction, health care, food service, manufacturing, hospitality or just about any other industry, creating and maintaining a safe work environment is a critical business concern. We are here to help you achieve that goal. Our courses focus on high hazards occupational safety and environmental compliance topics that will keep you and your employees in the know on the latest environmental health and safety standards. Learn more about the Barton OSHA Training Programs.